Devon Magliozzi

Devon Magliozzi is a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at Stanford University. Her work explores how gender, race, and class boundaries are constructed and contested in everyday encounters and through research practices. Her dissertation examines inequality from the perspective of elites, using in-depth interviews and participant observation to illuminate how an affluent enclave maintains its exclusivity within a diverse California county. With colleagues, she has conducted a mixed-method research project to develop survey measures of gender that enable researchers to move beyond binary categories. Throughout her time as a doctoral student, she has collaborated with interdisciplinary teams at Stanford’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research and Princeton University’s VizE Lab for Ethnographic Data Visualization to investigate the experiences of women professionals in an unequal organization and the impacts of environmental contamination on residents of unequal urban neighborhoods. Devon is currently a research assistant at the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality.