David B. Grusky

David B. Grusky is the Barbara Kimball Browning Professor of Sociology at Stanford University, Director of the Center on Poverty and Inequality (CPI), Director of the California Welfare Laboratory, and coeditor of Pathways Magazine and the Social Inequality Series. He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, co-recipient of the 2004 Max Weber Award, founder of the Cornell University Center for the Study of Inequality, and a former Presidential Young Investigator.

His recent books are Inequality in the 21st Century (with Jasmine Hill, 2016), Social Stratification (with Kate Weisshaar, 2014), Occupy the Future (with Douglas McAdam, Robert Reich, and Debra Satz, 2012), The Great Recession (with Bruce Western & Chris Wimer, 2011), The New Gilded Age (with Tamar Kricheli-Katz, 2011), The Inequality Puzzle (with Roland Berger, Tobias Raffel, Geoffrey Samuels, & Christopher Wimer, 2010), The Inequality Reader (with Szonja Szelényi, 2011), Poverty and Inequality (with Ravi Kanbur, 2006), Mobility and Inequality (with Stephen Morgan & Gary Fields, 2006), Occupational Ghettos (with Maria Charles, 2004), The Declining Significance of Gender? (with Francine Blau & Mary Brinton, 2006), and Inequality: Classic Readings in Race, Class, and Gender (with Szonja Szelényi, 2006).