David J. Pate, Jr.

David J. Pate, Jr. is an Associate Professor of Social Work at the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Dr. Pate is a leading expert on low income African-American men, fatherhood and child support. He studies how black men are affected by the social welfare system and the challenges that impede their ability to attain economic security.

His research projects involve the use of qualitative research methods to examine life course events of non-custodial African-American men. This includes their ability to be gainfully employed, engage with their children, and sustain a good quality of life. His current research project is Access to Justice for Low-Income Civil Litigants: Comparative and Longitudinal Study of Experiences with Court Systems. (National Science Foundation (Law and Social Science Program) ($304,000) (2014-2016).